Arab States Weekly Review Oct 6th – 12th 2012

Libya’s government sacked Mustafa Abushagur, the country’s proposed new prime minister, only three weeks after he had taken office because it objected to the government of technocrats he had proposed. A weak caretaker government will continue in the meantime.

Egypt’s president Mohamed Morsi pardoned all political prisoners arrested since the start of the revolt last year against Hosni Mubarak, except for those convicted of murder.

Tensions between Turkey and Syria remain high as they continue to shell each other following a spillover effect from the Syrian uprising. Turkish jets forced a Syrian passenger plane en route to Moscow to land in Turkey because there was “objectionable material” on board according to the foreign minister.

In Jordan a group close to the Muslim Brotherhood organised protests against what it claimed was King Abdullah’s failure to make adequate reforms in the run-up to an election expected next year.

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