Arab States Weekly Review 29th May – 4th June 2010

Israel faced a wave of international condemnation over its military assault on a humanitarian aid convoy from Turkey bound for Gaza. Israeli commandos boarded the ship to prevent it from reaching Gaza, and opened fire when some of those on board tried to repel them with sticks and, according to the Israelis, knives. Israel impounded the six ships and detained the 600 campaigners with the intent of deportation. Most governments denounced Israel’s actions, but the US was more hesitant and managed to convince the UN Security Council not to lay the blame exclusively on Israel.

Iraq’s Supreme Court ratified the results of Iraq’s general election, ruling that Iyad Allawi’s party had won. There are still no signs of a coalition government being formed soon.

Saudi Arabia began issuing wedding contracts in which the age of the bride must be given, in an effort to stop child marriages.

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