Arab States Weekly Review 21-28 Nov 09

Fears over the financial health of Dubai hit global stockmarkets, following a request by Dubai World for a 6-month delay of repaying its debts. The government-owned investment company has been hit hard by the credit crunch and is said to have debts of USD 60bn.

In order to revive peace negotiations with the Palestinians, Benjamin Netanjahu, prime minister of Israel, offered to put a hold on building settlements in the West Bank for a period of ten months. To the dismay of the Palestinians, the offers excluded East Jerusalem, existing settlements and settlements already under construction.

The parliament of Jordan was dissolved halfway its 4-year term by King Abdullah, following tensions between the government and Islamist opposition.

A row erupted between supporters of the Egyptian and Algerian football teams, following a victory by Algeria. Both sides accuse each other of violent attacks. Dozens were hurt in Egypt, Algeria and Sudan. The Arab League has asked President Ghaddafi of Libya to mediate in the conflict.

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