Arab States Weekly Review 14-20 Nov 09

Fighting intensified in Yemen, where Saudi Arabian forces blockade the northern coastline and assist Yemeni government forces to clamp down on rebels loyal to the Houthi clan. The Houthis are a militant group of Zaydi Shia operating in the rugged northern area of Yemen.

Fatah, the Palestinian group in power in the West Bank, says that the UN should recognize an independent state in the West Bank territory, in response to a stalemate in the search for a settlement with Israel.

The Dubai Government Economic Committee reported its economy is growing at a rate of 5%, less than in previous years but still higher than the most cautious forecasts.

In Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah was re-elected as the head of Hezbollah following a congress which also adopted the newest party manifesto.

Total net profits of listed firms on the Stock Exchange of Kuwait dropped by over 70% in the first three quarters of 2009, according to a recent economic report. The global financial crisis is to blame.

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